The Death of Hannibal Barca

    La muerte de Aníbal Barca

    The Death of Hannibal Barca (2021).


    "–I can't stop imagining Hannibal at that moment –he continued–. The servants who are faithful to him have warned him of the arrival of the Roman embassy; He has tried to see Prusias to demand that he honor his obligations as his host or provide him with the means to escape, but Prusias has ordered him to wait in his chambers. He hears hurried footsteps down the corridor and recognizes the metallic clacking of the studs on the Roman legionaries' sandals. There are imperious knocks on the door. He knows that the long struggle of his life has come to an end and he doubts if it has all been worth it. He remembers his father Hamilcar and so many comrades in arms who have been left along the way. He remembers the glory at Cannae and the humiliation at Zama, he wonders if everything could have been different. If he has been a victim of his own mistakes or of the gods' exhaustion with the burning passion of a man who never knew how to give up anything. For all his questions he has only one answer: that in the hour of his defeat he will not be paraded as a trophy, defeated and outraged, through the streets of Rome.


    He pours the contents of his ring into his mouth and a bitter fire opens the door to the darkness where nothing matters, where everything is forgotten..."


    (For the historical novel Hannibal's Anger, Arturo Gonzalo Aizpiri).

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