Old Paintings (1980?-2006)

I take the opportunity to give an even more personal character to this corner of “my house”: I share here what is the basis of  everything that came after for better or worse... And no more, no less. I apologize in advance for the improvable quality of some images (I’m referring to the photos themselves but, of course, twenty-something years ago I also had more to learn artistically than I still have…) and for the occasional lack of certain information like dates, formats, that I have not been able to remember or recollect again due to various circumstances. Perhaps this is somewhat compensated by a little "extra information” included here and there, and also perhaps, and naturally, the interest of all this can vary quite a bit depending on the eye of the beholder. But this is a momentary return that is fair and necessary, and who knows if it is premonitory too, although one thing is for sure: I will not make my sisters suffer again with street transport of big flying canvases...

About Me

I have always painted; I had no choice, so to speak.


Also being an avid explorer of literature, cinema, video games and other creative possibilities that these times are offering to the craft of pencil and brushes, analog and digital, I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and later in Graphic Design and Illustration too. And after traveling a bit (to keep on learning), in 2007 I definitively left my northern Rioja lands and a life already organized around painting to take it to Madrid (Spain), attracted by other complementary searches.


And after more than fifteen years doing mainly historical and mythological illustrations for different written and television media in various countries, I feel like a time traveler (with many books and brushes in my backpack) who never stops discovering and learning, and who has the privilege of opening for others a kind of illustrated window to the past (and also to fantasy and the future, who knows. This is why, don't be surprised, Maximus Decimus Meridius Crow has a dragon colleague).


I have also had the opportunity to make many and very diverse book covers (a dream come true for a devourer of letters like me) and to illustrate other types of stories, tales, novels (what can be better than a good story?), while I sail new seas in which to continue doing more and better.


Thank you for joining me for a moment on this journey.


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